A little about me

I'm a UI developer currently working at Beauty Bay where I've been since Feb 2018. My focus is on making the UI as nice as possible whilst working in React with Redux and updating and making new Node.js api's.

I've been working in the industry since around 2010, building tiny static sites for driving instructors and local businesses all the way up to building the entire front end for huge, international, multi billion dollar businesses.

My focus is as a dedicated FE dev writing modular, maintainable HTML, CSS and JS ready to integrate with the backend (which will usually be CMS driven) where my talented backend colleagues take over. My background is as a traditional FE dev so I like to make things look as nice as possible but I also get a lot of satisfaction from building webapps using React, Redux and Node for the backend.

I've been doing this for a few years now and the longer I do it the more I enjoy it, there's constantly new things to learn, new techniques to use and because I have the good fortune to work with and know some very talented people I'm always on my toes.

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